UPDATE 4/5/2022

Sorry, we haven't opened back up for orders just yet. We currently are getting in boxes to make up kits and will be offering both Falcon and Kulp kits very soon!! Our biggest issue is we can’t get Controller boards to build finished controllers. We have stuff on order so Just keep checking back. If you happen to have any boards, you want to sell let us know, or if you have a board and want it built let us know! Hopefully, soon all of this will get better. Please Contact Us if you have questions. Thank You Ricky

Wizard of Wire Differential Receiver Build Kit



This is a complete Build Kit for the Wizard of Wire Differential Receiver.

View Instructional Video Here


  • Predrilled CG 2000 Box
  • Bottom Mounting Plate
  • Passthroughs
  • Pigtails
  • Power Cord
  • Wizard of Wire Original Meanwell Differential Receiver
  • Power Supply (If Selected)
  • All Required Hardware
  • Miscellaneous Spare Hardware
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Note: Power injection pigtails are NOT provided you must supply those if you plan on using them.


The receiver can be found here if you just want to purchase it by itself.

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