UPDATE 8/20/2023

Hello Everyone! Currently we are taking orders for most V4 Falcons, Along with we have added Experience Lights Genius controllers to the site. We will be offering all their boards as well we just need to get them all added to the site. If they have one you don't see please contact us. Sorry, we didn't take web orders last year but if you contacted us we did our best to build what we could. Build kits are still not available, currently if you want one of our kits Please see Wired Watts as all his kits are based off our original designs. We do have a 2-4 week lead time, Please Contact Us if you have questions. Thank You Ricky

14 Factors You Really Need To Certainly Date a Disney Geek

14 Reasons You Ought To Surely Date a Disney Geek

Disnerds are a type all of their own, but there’s some thing regarding their obsession that individuals’re obsessed with our selves. Perhaps oahu is the enthusiasm, possibly it is the secret, possibly it really is our youth fantasy of being a prince or princess. No matter the specific reason, Disney enthusiasts can even make the very best intimate counterparts—and we are going to reveal why!

Listed here are 14 reasons you really need to undoubtedly date a Disney nerd!